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Come Out and Celebrate
Crystal Airport is Staying Open!!

The Crystal Airport Open House will be held on Sunday, June 15, 2008 from 7:00am until 5:00pm.

Crystal Airport Open House is a wonderful event open to fly-in and drive-in aviation enthusiasts (and those who just like to be outside on a great summer day).

More than 3,000 people are expected to attend!
Don't miss this wonderful Father's Day of food, flying and fun!

Bring Dad out for a day of fun!

Enjoy great food, airplane rides, static displays and much more!

Crystal Airport is located just north of Bass Lake Road on County Road 81 in Crystal, MN. The event will be held near the control tower. If driving-in, look for signs.  If flying-in, punch in KMIC on your GPS.



Metropolitan Airports Commission votes to keep Crystal Airport open and move forward with plans!

The MAC voted on Dec 17th to move forward with Staff recommendation #4 to keep Crystal Airport open and operating with a two runway configuration (one main runway and one crosswind runway). The closure option is no longer on the table!

Although this is only the first step down the long road of revitalizing Crystal Airport and the entire Reliever Airport system, it is a first step nonetheless. In a month or two, the final plan will be generated and open for a public comment period of 30-days. After that the Commission will receive the final plan with comments and vote on accepting the plan.

Thanks to all who have shown support for Crystal Airport thus far. For more information on the next steps, please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. You won't hear from us often, but when you do, it will be time for action!

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Past Meeting Notes
(These documents are not official Minutes. They are notes taken during the meeting
 by Vivian Starr, our official observer. Thanks, Vivian!)
Full Commission:
Oct 15, 2007
Nov 19, 2007

Dec 17, 2007
Sep 5, 2007
Nov 7, 2007
Dec 5, 2007
RAAC Meetings:
Oct 30, 2007






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